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  • Machinist Calculator  v.7.3.0Machinist Calculator has been developed to quickly solve common machine shop math problems such as trigonometry, speeds and feeds, bolt circles, and much more. Get your free demo now. Apps for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry also available.
  • Machinist MathGuru  v.2.0.0This product has been discontinued. A compatable product is available at ...
  • Trades Math Calculator  v.2.0.1aSolve common machine shop and other trades math problems such as trigonometry, speeds and feeds, bolt circles, and much more. Trades Math Calculator is quick and easy to use. Get your free demo now.
  • ActiCalc Desktop Calculator  v.2.5An easy-to-use calculator with a visual tape that works like a spreadsheet, saving all calculations and permitting entries to be updated. One-click integration with Microsoft Excel allows simple calculations to evolve into complex spreadsheets.
  • Advanced Subnet Calculator  v.9.1Free Subnet Calculator tool from SolarWinds generates all subnets with real-time DNS, PING and CIDR tests. This application provides address details, a classful subnet creator, a CIDR calculator and subnet address lists that can be exported.
  • Free Loan Calculator  v.4.5This free loan comparison calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate loan payments based upon variable payment frequency. It allows you to compare two loans side-by-side and calculates Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance!
  • Free Mortgage Payment Calculator  v.4.0Calculate mortgage loan payments with this free mortgage payment calculator for Windows ...
  • LoanSpread Loan Calculator  v.4.8Compare 135 loans at once with LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator and drill down into a loan summary of any of the 135 you choose. Displays answers of loan amounts, interest rates, terms in months, or payment amounts based upon your loan variables ...
  • MoneyToys - Canadian Loan Spread Calculator applet  v.1.3The MoneyToys - Loan Spread Calculator applet is designed to provide webmasters with a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing users with a financial calculator applet which provides a unique persepctive on borrowing money!
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